How Close Should a Humidifier Be When You Sleep?

The question of how close a humidifier should be when you sleep is not an easy one to answer. It all depends on the size of your room, the type of humidifier, and what kind of humidifier it is. Generally speaking, most people would recommend keeping the humidifier at least 3 feet away from where you’ll be sleeping. This will help keep that cool mist out of your face while you’re trying to sleep.

Many people use humidifiers either in the winter or year-round to add moisture to the air. But how close should you have one of these machines when you sleep? Here’s what you need to know.

It’s the middle of winter, and you’re waking up feeling congested and achy. You check the weather forecast and it looks like the cold snap is going to continue for a few more days. What can you do to make yourself feel better? One thing to try is using a humidifier while you sleep. But how close should the humidifier be to your bed? Read on to find out.

A humidifier can be a great way to relieve the symptoms of dry skin, a sore throat or a stuffy nose. That being said, it is important that you use your humidifier correctly to avoid other health problems. The National Sleep Foundation recommends placing your humidifier on an outside wall about six feet from where you sleep.

This gives enough room for air circulation and prevents water droplets from landing on your pillow or bedding while you are sleeping. These droplets could contain minerals such as calcium which could cause mineral deposits in your lungs if inhaled over time, leading to respiratory issues like COPD and asthma.

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